WHERE? All events of IDFF will take place at downtown Los Angeles' National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, 111 N. Central Ave. Click here to download directions.
HOW MUCH? $10 per program. $30 for a VIP Pass With Access to All Programs. $5 for Japanese American National Museum Members. 
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A program of JANM:
Saturday October 9
10:30AM — 5:00PM: AAIFC
First year in its inception, Asian American Independent Feature Conference (AAIFC) offers 30 invited filmmakers to network and meet with industry professionals to help conceive and advance their feature projects. This event is not open to public. Click here for more details
Combination Platter delivers an eclectic selection of short films that promises to make you laugh and think. Bay Area-based Kerwin Berk will world premiere his Japanese-American themed "The Virtues of Corned Beef Hash" in this program. James Huang's deliciously comedic shorts "Represent" and "Johnny Karate & Golden Delicious" will open and close the program. Chia-Chun Hsu's "Inter-View" treads the line between comedy, drama and the absurd. Directed by Kristina Sisco and written by Mark Niu, "Juche Rules" is a deftly told and contemporary short about a reporter traveling through North Korea who must decide between news worthy footage and human life. Not to be missed is William Lu's laugh-out-loud comedy pilot "Golden Boy," starring the very talented Feodor Chin, about an up-and-coming (or down-and-out) Hollywood screenwriter. Approx. 73 minutes. — Quentin Lee
Q&A with filmmakers!
Queer & Sexy presents a rare and edgy collection of queer and sexy shorts. Buckle down for a fun and fierce ride down the rainbow! Starring drag terrorist Christeene, two music videos, "Fix My Dick" and "slowly/easy," directed by PJ Raval will open and close the program. Jessica Sanders' fest favorite "George & Brad in Bed" is a queer homage to John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "bed-in" starring George Takei. Leon Cheo's "Swing" is a short drama two young lovers meeting up once more after breaking up. Quentin Lee's "Little Love" shows friendship doesn't mix with well with sex. Eunice Wu's "The Best Is Yet to Come" is a thoughtful and moving love story about two young lesbians, one Asian American and the other Latino. Kevyn Fong's "Beauty Brawl" is a sizzling comedy about a "beauty brawl" between two gay hairdressers. Last but not least, Brent Anbe's "Ajumma! Are You Krazy???" is the queer Asian festival hit of the year about the zany quest of three "Ajummas" (a Korean term for an adult female individual of married age) chasing after a Korean male pop star in Honolulu. Approx.80 minutes. — Quentin Lee
Q&A with filmmakers!
Air Doll is Hirokazu Koreeda’s newest film based on the manga series Kuuki Nigyo. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. The movie is about a middle-aged man whose closest friend is a life-sized doll. This isn’t just any sex doll though; it was made with a heart. So when the man goes to work during the day, the doll goes out and explores the world. The doll is played by the amazingly talented and beautiful Bae Donna (from the Host). This film portrays the loneliness and lack of human connection in not only Japan but all industrialized big cities around the world. It is funny, poignant, and sad all at the same time, so sit back you’re in the hands of one of Japan’s most skilled filmmakers. Approx. 90 minutes. — Koji Steven Sakai
Los Angeles Premiere!
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