One night during our ten weeks of editing, I went out to Tigerheat, an 18+ gay club, with some friends. Sometimes you begin to lose objectivity when you’re with a project too long. I needed a break that night. I bumped into a friend, a 19-year-old gay Chinese American boy, whose shy demeanor made me suddenly realize whom I was making this movie for. I remembered what it was like being a teenager, a gay teenager, a gay Asian teenager, and a gay Asian teenager in America. I looked around the club and saw teenagers and young adults who were young, who were beautiful, who were awkward, who were afraid, and who nonetheless tried their best to be who they were in a less than perfect world.
That night, I realized that subconsciously I was making a movie for them. And with some luck, I hope this movie will reach them, empower and entertain them and all of us.
Quentin Lee