A psychological thriller, a coming-of-age drama, a gay love story, and a black comedy, Ethan Mao tells the story of an 18-year-old boy reaching the point of no return.
Booted out of his house for being gay, Ethan Mao survives on the street as a hustler. There he meets 19-year-old Remigio, a drug dealer and fellow hustler who takes him in. After being tipped off by his younger brother that his family is going on a day trip on Thanksgiving Day, Ethan asks Remigio for a ride to his family house to collect his belongings.
On that fateful day, Ethan’s family returns early to discover he and Remigo are looting the house. His father is shocked and enraged and forces Ethan into a physical confrontation. Holding his father at gunpoint, Ethan demands that his manipulative stepmother return his deceased mother’s diamond necklace only to find out she is keeping it in a safety deposit box at the bank.
IWith Remigio by his side, Ethan decides to hold his family hostage until the bank opens the next morning. In the waning desperate hours, Ethan, his family and Remigio are forced to confront their unresolved conflicts and feelings. As the tensions between Ethan and his family escalate, their inner demons and secrets unravel in this suspenseful and touching drama.