S.A.F. (The Swiss American Federation) was founded in 1999 in a Hollywood record store on the infamous Sunset Blvd. by Christian B. and Marc Dold. After working sporadically on a few projects together, the duo soon discovered that they uniquely complemented one another despite their very different musical backgrounds. As a producer and DJ, Christian's roots are in electronic and dance music. He was an advocate of this genre of music long before it hit the mainstream. Marc Dold on the other hand grew up in a family of professional classical musicians. He majored in classical guitar, but had some additional experience as a rock producer and songwriter. With the evolution of music and the direction it was taking at the time of their meeting, it appeared to be an opportune moment for the duo to form S.A.F.
Four years later, S.A.F. has already amassed a very impressive collection. They've enhanced the music of many great artists as varied as Enya, Basement Jaxx, Orgy, Norah Jones, Peter Gabriel, Mandalay, Juanes, Soraya and Sarah Brightman, to name a few. In fact, S.A.F.'s remix of Enya's "Only Time" has threatened to make her actually cool, drawing comparisons to the infamous DNA remix of Suzanne Vega. The duo followed up this Billboard #1 single with another chart success, Celine Dion's title track from her multi-platinum album "A New Day."
In addition, one of S.A.F.'s singles, "Mon Amour D'arabique," was a huge hit on dance floors and charts in Europe, and even grabbed the attention of uber-DJ John Digweed as it landed in the top five on his KISS-FM show in London. With two number one hits under their belt, only time knows what's next for this exciting team. For more detail, check out their personal bios below.
S.A.F. contributed three tracks to "Ethan Mao," including "Be Easy on Yourself" (Remix), "Mon Amour" and "D'mommies."